International Symposium on Computational Harmonic Analysis
Computational harmonic analysis is an international hot research field whose main research purpose is to use mathematical technique to sample, reconstruct and process signals, images and data. Computational harmonic analysis is closely related to several pure mathematics fields, such as harmonic analysis, stochastic matrix and computational algebraic geometry. In application, it has direct application in the fields of signal processing, image processing, large data and deep learning. Thus, this direction has attracted the attention of many experts in different fields. In view of this, we will hold an international symposium on harmonic analysis in Beijing from 2018/06/22 to 24-24. Many experts from different fields will be invited to promote communication and development in the relevant directions. 【more】
Conference Sponsors
Beihang University
Academy of Mathematics
and Systems Science, CAS

The meeting is supported by Natural Science Foundation of China --- NSFC 91630203

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